Brand Connect

What's the Brand Connect?

To facilitate the interoperability between brands' Client Accounts (environment in which end-users store and interact with digital passports) and utility providers, we have designed a standard connection process to let brands’ end-users share relevant information with utility providers.

Who are utility providers?

  • Marketplaces
  • Products' repair centers
  • Brands' partners, etc.

How to connect brands & utility providers?

Technically, Brand Connect is a method to request an Arianee Access Token or a Transfer Permit from a brand Client Account. The best example is the connection between a brand and a marketplace - that’s the example we will use throughout this documentation.

  1. Brand Connect enables a brand's end-users to list their products for reselling on marketplaces from their Client Account using their digital passport.


This standard connection process is to be implemented by the marketplaces (to make a request) and by the brand (to respond to the request).

  1. This connection process starts with a marketplace - on behalf of an end-user - requesting a connection to the brand's Client Account to access the content of the digital passport and/or generate a Transfer Permit to facilitate the listing and/or a transfer on the marketplace.
  2. The brand needs to respond to the marketplace by building the corresponding UI to empower their end-users on their Client Account to select their digital passport to be listed and/or transferred through the marketplace.

What is the flow for end-users?

In the use case of marketplaces, seller allows the buyer to access the digital passport information, and then the ownership transfer once the payment is operated.

Brand Connect demo

  • We have mocked a marketplace’s request to a brand Client Account.
  • We have mocked the brand response with their Client Account using our Ownership Account which uses the same API our brands use to manage their Client Accounts.
  • The request from the utility provider demands a Transfer Permit, which enables a customer to list on the marketplace in one click and transfer the digital passport to the next owner (see the diagram above).
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🧑‍💻 Check out the code in Arianee Utility Provider Example Repo


If you are utility provider please reach out [email protected] to get access to a staging Brand Identity private key to start using the Utility Provider Example.