Set up your Arianee package on Salesforce.

Set up NFT Management Platform URL & API Key

  1. To retrieve Arianee Connect Package, go to your Set up β†’ Package Manager.
  2. Select the target version and get the install URL.

This URL allows you to install your package in your org, for example:


The installation may take a few minutes. Once installed, you'll received a confirmation by email.

  1. To set up authentication, go to External Services.

If the Arianee Package is installed, the External Service Name should be completed with arianeeconnect_ArianeeAPI.

  1. In the Credentials column, select the select arianeeconnect_Arianee.
  2. Click on Edit to modify the URL of the NFT Management Platform, then Save your changes.
  3. In External Credentials, select Arianee Connect.
  4. Set the API key.


To generate the API key from your NFT Management Platform's Users & Profiles section, then generate your API key.

Set up Webhooks

Configuration to trigger et listen to the site. To set up webhooks, you'll need to create a site in Salesforce that will be the URL defined as the destination in the backend.

  1. To create your site, go to User Interface β†’ Site and Domains β†’ Sites. The site is proper for your environment.


It is highly recommended to keep the same site label webhook2flowListener to avoid any edge cases.

  1. Once created, go to Custom Code β†’ Custom Metadata Types.
  2. For the Inbound webhook label, click on Manage Record.
  3. Select Default β†’ Edit, and define the name as desired.
  4. Complete the following fields:
  • Actor: webhookVerification
  • Apex Class: Code that reads and triggers the flows.
  • Unique Site URL: site previously defined, webhook2flowListener.


  • All webhooks are saved in Salesforce going to Campaign Object β†’ Webhooks Save.
  • As a user, you can use the flows provided with the Arianee package, or create your own flows.


See also Webhooks Events & Retries.