About Integration

Learn about the prerequisites for the NFT Management Platform integration with our APIs in your ecosystem.

Technical Requirements

Server URL: Our team provides an NFT Management Platform server URL dedicated to your brand, either pre-production or production. These environments allow you to test and manage your Digital Product Passports.

APIs Keys: Your API key is required to test and interact with the NFT Management Platform APIs.
This documentation website allows you to test and interact with our APIs by using your key.

Verified Brand ID: To create authentic NFTs, our team registers your brand to get a default Brand ID validated on the Blockchain. Your brand is verified and certified as an entity with your owners.

Credits: Using features such as Digital Product Passport creation, management, messages or events requires crediting your NFT Management Platform with credits. These credits are spent when a transaction is validated on the blockchain for each NFT (e.g. Creation of 2 NTFs costs 2 credits).

APIs Guidelines

Integrating the NFT Management Platform means connecting the API library provided by the Arianee team with your IT infrastructure.

To ensure a smooth experience, the NFT Management Platform has a transaction queuing system executed when API calls are made. The queuing system sends transactions to the blockchain step by step for the API caller, so it does not have to manage this constraint.

Be aware that if you wish to send new transactions, these new transactions will have to wait in the queue before being executed.

Data Storage