Update Profile

Update an existing profile on your NFT Management Platform.


To update a profile, use /profile/:id.

PUT - https://{{nmpUrl}}/profile/:id


nameStringβœ…New name of the profile.
rights*admin, certRead, certCreate, certPrint, certDelete, certDelete, certRecover, messageSend, assetsUpload, identityUpdate, accountManage, messageSetupAuto, usersManage, eventCreate, reporting, smartContractSendβœ…Right(s) you wish to associate with the profile.
    "name": "DigitalPassportManagement",
    "rights": [

Return Payload

The profile has been updated.

    "_id": "65ca401ac784dd6e41c3a045",
    "name": "test3",
    "rights": [
    "__v": 0,
    "id": "65ca401ac784dd6e41c3a045"


Statut CodeSuccessDescription
500falseThe ID may not exist.
    "stringValue": "\":id\"",
    "valueType": "string",
    "kind": "ObjectId",
    "value": ":id",
    "path": "_id",
    "reason": {},
    "name": "CastError",
    "message": "Cast to ObjectId failed for value \":id\" (type string) at path \"_id\" for model \"Profile\""

adminAll rights are associated with this profile.
certReadRead digital passports only.
certCreateCreate digital passports.
certPrintPrint digital passport.
certDeleteDestroy digital passport.
certRecoverRecover digital passport.
messageSendSend messages to digital passports.
assetsUploadUpload media hosted on your NFT Management Platform for digital passport design.
identityUpdateUpdate the identity associated with your NFT Management Platform.
accountManageManage accounts on your NFT Management Platform.
usersManageManage users on your NFT Management Platform.
eventCreateCreate and link Arianee events to digital passports.
reportingAccess reporting.
smartContractSendManage smart contracts.