Upload Assets

As a brand, the look and feel of your digital passports matter. Say you want to upload a media that will be integrated into your digital passports. Because a digital passport has a long life, you must attach long-lived content. Arianee offers a hosting solution for static assets that will last forever.

Use case

Before creating your digital passports, your brand wants to upload the media that will be displayed for your hoodie, two pictures, and an AR asset.

Let's start πŸš€



  • Each asset size is limited to 10mb.
  • AR assets are only available on iOS devices.
  • For connection latency, if the upload exceeds 60 seconds, it expires and returns an error.


To upload and store a picture in your environment, use assets/pub.

POST - https://{{nmpUrl}}/assets/pub


The API is authenticated with the user rights required β†’ assetsUpload


imageStringβœ…Media file.

Supported formats:
- Pictures: .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .svg, .gif
Optimal resolution: 2000x2000
- Video: .mp4
- 3D asset: .glb, .gltf
- AR asset: .usdz
fileIdStringβœ…Generated picture identification number.
resizeBoolean❌Auto resizing of the picture.
- true: Auto resize of the asset enabled.
- false: Auto resize of the asset disabled.

Return Payload

Your picture has been uploaded.

  "url": "https://documentation.arianee.com/pub/arianeelogo_black",
  "message": "Your file arianee_logo_BLACK.jpeg has been updated"