Enriched Digital Passports

Unlike first-party data, NFTs offer zero-party data that is truly owned by users, fostering direct communication with total respect for privacy.
Unlike any average NFT, the Arianee Enriched Digital Passport is packed with unique features to ace your acquisition, engagement, and retention strategy.


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Use Cases

Digital Product Passport - Apparel Industry

Arianee x Cap 🧢: Arianee Digital Passports enable the creation of Digital Product Passports, serving as digital twins for physical products, offering immersive content experiences that deeply engage your customers through exclusive content and communication.

Digital Product Passport - Automotive Industry

Arianee Car 2023 x Black Edition 🖤: Digital product passports prove ideal for seamlessly integrating essential information crucial for both the operation and lifecycle of automobiles. Serving as a comprehensive repository, these passports encompass key details such as maintenance schedules, service records, and operational guidelines. By consolidating this vital information in a digital format, users gain easy access to relevant data, promoting optimal vehicle performance and longevity. Moreover, the digital passport system facilitates streamlined communication between manufacturers, service providers, and car owners, ensuring efficient maintenance and timely interventions.

Community Membership

Arianee Builders Community: Leveraging Passports for community membership not only empowers a profound sense of belonging but also facilitates the delivery of precisely targeted content, fostering meaningful communication and interaction among its members.