Transfer a digital passport to a specific wallet address, so the user gets automatically the ownership of the digital passport.

Arianee Access Token

An Arianee Access Token is an Ethereum Web Token or JSON Web Token using the Ethereum algorithm signature. It is very similar to an Arianee Proof, it is made off-chain. This is a secure way of transferring information between stakeholders in a web application environment.

Arianee Connect

Arianee Connect is a service allowing the NFT Management Platform integration into Salesforce. This makes possible digital assets management from one of the most used CRMs. The key is to create a link between customer data and distributed NFT data.


Media uploaded on the NFT Management Platform to design digital passports.

Auto-Message Campaign

Once the message campaign is drafted, it is automatically sent to digital passport owners if they meet the given tags.

Blockchain Shift

The blockchain shift is a service developed to allow a brand to recreate and bridge all previously created digital passports from this network to a more secure and performing new one. In fact, as a brand, you may be used to minting digital passports, also known as NFT, on a given chain, however, performance has slowed.

Brand Connect

Service that facilitates the interoperability between Client Accounts and utility providers. This standard operates a connection process to let brands’ end-users share relevant information on their digital passport with utility providers.


Bridging is the operation to move a digital passport from one chain to another. The objective of this feature is to be able to bridge a digital passport without losing its history, this includes transfers and accepted Arianee Events.

Children NFT

When creating a batch of digital passports to distribute at scale, the children are the multiple NFTs being claimed by users.

Deferred Claim

The deferred claim allows your users to get a confirmation of the incoming ownership when they claim their digital passport so that your app can provide the best context to your users about the pending status of the claims while waiting for the on-chain transaction to be completed.

Digital Product Passport

The digital passport is an enriched and dynamic NFT (Non-Fungible Token) with exclusive content for brands' users.


Decentralized messages are secure and unique digital NFTs, or messages, containing information about a physical object or asset, issued on the blockchain for enhanced traceability and authenticity.

Individual Link

The individual link is a method of distribution that generates one unique and personal link per digital passport being claimed.


JSON Web Token is an open standard (RFC 7519) that defines a compact and self-contained way for securely transmitting information between parties as a JSON object. This information can be verified and trusted because it is digitally signed.

Landing NFT

The landing NFT is the product page displayed to users when they operate the claiming process.

NFT Kiosk

The NFT kiosk is a distribution method that generates one universal link and allows users to claim a digital passport.

No More NFT

The No More NFT is the page displayed when all the digital passports of a batch have already been claimed.

Once-Off Message Campaign

The once-off message campaign is a one-shot message sent to a target audience depending on one or multiple rules (tags, specific digital passport ID, location, active wallet, custodial or non-custodial wallets).

Parent NFT

The parent NFT works as a template for a digital passport batch.


A product is a digital passport.

Product Group

A product group is a batch of digital passports.

Product Page

The product page is the page displayed to users on a specific product.

Proof Link

The proof link allows users to prove their ownership of a given digital passport.


The recovery feature allows brands to get ownership of a given digital passport back. This feature may be used when a product is returned.


The Smart Asset Sharing Token (SST) is a token allowing the operation of a Transfer Permit. If the SST is valid, the third party can operate a transfer without being the owner.


Tags are metadata used to categorize a group of digital passports.


The thread is the content and history of a digital passport from a previous blockchain. A thread can be composed of one or multiple fibers if the digital passport is bridged multiple times.

Transfer Link

A transfer link allows users to share a link to transfer the ownership of a specific digital passport.

Transfer Permit

The transfer permit is a solution designed as a token to facilitate connectivity between Arianee protocol features and third-party entities like resellers and marketplaces. This permit allows third parties to operate a transfer without being the digital passport owner.


The wallet is an environment that allows users to claim, store, and manage their digital product passports (access exclusive content, generate proof of ownership, read history, receive messages and events, or operate a transfer).