Recover Digital Passport


Use cases

  • The product is declared and proven to be stolen or lost.
  • The product is returned.
  • The owner has lost the digital passport.

Under specific conditions and for a limited period, brands can reclaim and get back the ownership of a digital passport that is owned by another wallet.


Let's start πŸš€


  • Each recovered digital passport spends 1 credit.
  • You can recover one digital passport at once per API call.


To recover a digital passport in your wallet, use the productManagement/product/:productId/recover.

POST - https://{{nmpUrl}}/productManagement/product/:productId/recover

Return Payload

Status CodeSuccessDescription
200trueThe digital passport has been recovered. You'll get ownership back when the transaction is validated on the blockchain.
    "success": true


Status CodeSuccessCodeError Message
404falsenmp.productManagement.PRODUCT_ID_NOT_EXISTSThe digital passport ID may be wrong.
    "message": "This productId doesnt exists",
    "code": "nmp.productManagement.PRODUCT_ID_NOT_EXISTS"