Delete Digital Passport

As a brand, you wish to destroy a digital passport.


Use cases

  • A customer has declared a product has been stolen or lost and has not retrieved it. The digital passport can be destroyed.
  • Too many digital passports have been created.


Let's start πŸš€


  • You must be the owner of the digital passport. You may need to recover the digital passport before deleting it. See the recover digital passport page.
  • You can destroy one digital passport at once per API call.


To destroy a digital passport, use the /productManagement/product/:productId/destroy.

POST - https://{{nmpUrl}}/productManagement/product/:productId/destroy

Return Payload

Status CodeSuccessDescription
200trueThe digital passport has been successfully destroyed.
    "success": true


Status CodeSuccessCodeError Message
404falsenmp.productManagement.PRODUCT_ID_NOT_EXISTSThe digital passport ID may be wrong.
    "message": "This productId doesnt exists",
    "code": "nmp.productManagement.PRODUCT_ID_NOT_EXISTS"


Our team tips

When a mistake is related to the digital passport content or metadata, use the update feature: