We are excited to share the new Arianee Protocol Dashboard, a tool designed to provide real-time tracking of all activities within the Arianee protocol. This dashboard allows you to monitor various elements:

  • Builders
  • Transaction histories
  • $ARIA20 token insights

With this enhanced visibility, stakeholders can stay informed. Explore the dynamic capabilities of the Arianee Protocol Dashboard today and stay ahead with up-to-the-minute updates.

✨ Other Improvements

  • Client Account Wallet: Explicit error message when a digital passport is not owned by the user.

After teasing out what you could do with a once-off-message campaign and auto-message campaign when using audience management, auto-events campaigns join the list! You can create your audience and configure the parameters that allow you to define whether or not an end-user should automatically receive and accept an event.

You can create and manage your event campaign from your NFT Management Platform interface or via our API.

NFT Management Platform

We're pleased to announce that you can now target your audience. This audience management allows you to:

  • Increase targetting: By targetting a more precise audience, you ensure your impact and effectiveness of communication initiatives.
  • Reuse audiences across services: Once created, an audience can be reused for different services, a once-off message campaign, or an auto-message campaign, but stay tuned, cause that is not the limit of audience use cases! πŸ₯
  • Get detailed campaign reporting: Finally, you'll get a report of every campaign available on the NFT Management Platform. Filtering key metrics by this new dimension allows for better impact analysis.

Several parameters are available to target relevant recipients:

  • Tag(s): Tag(s) associated with the digital passports you wish to target for your audience.
  • Tags rule: Tag rules that define if your audience must own all mentioned tags or at least one.
  • Wallet activity: A period in days during which activity was observed on the user's wallet.
  • Custodial or non-custodial wallet: Target custodial or non-custodial wallet.
  • Specific digital passport group ID: Target specific digital passport group IDs.
  • Countries: Target the end-users into a defined country, or a list.

You can either use the NFT Management Platform, or our suite of APIs. πŸš€

πŸ’Œ Target Your Audience For Campaigns

NFT Management Platform

Through the creation of the audience management feature, we upgraded the Once-Off Message Campaigns and the Auto-Message Campaigns. From now on, you'll be able to select a specific audience you've created.

Let's say you've created an audience named European Active Users. As we said upper, you won't need to define the filter parameters again, for a once-off message campaign or an auto-message campaign.

NFT Management Platform

We've implemented a brand new dashboard on your NFT Management Platform in the Statistics tab where you can see insights about:

  • Creation & distribution of digital passports.
  • Audience of digital passport owners.
  • Impact of messages sent to your audience.
  • Impact of Arianee events on your audience.

🌍 Mint Digital Product Passports by Batch

NFT Management Platform

To allow you to mint multiple digital passports at once using the productId, our team developed minting using CSV. To do so, you'll have to create a CSV containing the following information respecting a strict format for columns:

  • Group ID: Identification number of the group you wish to associate your digital passports with.
  • Product ID: Identification number of the digital passport to create.
  • Tags: Tag associated with the digital passport to create.
  • Mint: This boolean defines if the digital passport must be minted when uploading the file.
  • Content: This field allows you to add specific content for your digital passport. If the parameter is empty, the digital passport group content is displayed.
    For instance, you wish to apply the global content of the digital passport group but you wish to associate a specific serial number to your digital passport.

Once your CSV is ready you can upload your file to launch the mint of your batch. For more information, read our detailed API documentation.

🧬 Blockchain Shift

NFT Management Platform

In the past, brands used to mint on the POA blockchain, however, performance has slowed. The blockchain shift allows recreating all previously created digital passports from this network to a more secure and performing new one. This means no matter the blockchain, you can mint using our protocol and our solutions.

All digital passports minted on POA can be bridged on another blockchain with the same information and history. This operation allows operational continuity in the digital passport lifecycle: new content and events can be added through this new chain on top of the ones created on POA.


Messages sent to digital passports on POA will be lost for the owner. They won’t be bridged to the new chain as a message is ephemeral.

πŸ–‡οΈ Brand Connect

NFT Management Platform & Arianee Protocol

To facilitate the interoperability between brand client accounts where digital passports are and marketplaces - we have designed a standard connection process to let consumers list their products for resell on marketplaces from their brand client account using their digital passport.

A marketplace on behalf of a user can request a connection to the Brand client account to access the content of the Passport and/or generate a Transfer Permit to facilitate the listing (or a transfer) on the marketplace.

This standard connection process is to be implemented by the marketplaces (to make a request) and by the brand (to respond to the request).

NFT Management Platform

We've enhanced the Digital Passport search feature within the NFT Management Platform with several improvements:

  • Cross-parameter filtering is now optimized for efficiency.
  • Tag-based search can now be used with an AND or an OR operator to further refine search results.
  • The full-text search option has been enhanced for improved performance and accuracy.

βœ‰οΈ E-mail Notification

Ownership Account

We're pleased to introduce a new feature for the Ownership Account users: email notifications for message activity on their wallet.

This feature allows users to opt in to receive email updates regarding any messages sent by DPPs issuer, ensuring they stay informed about interactions. Users can easily enable this feature within their wallet settings, giving them the flexibility to manage their notifications according to their preferences. This enhancement aims to provide users with a convenient way to stay updated on their account activity and make informed decisions about their digital product passports.

🚨 Lost & Stolen Products

NFT Management Platform & Arianee Protocol

We've recently integrated the Lost & Stolen feature from the Arianee Protocol into our NFT Management Platform. So, what exactly does Lost & Stolen feature? Essentially, it empowers users with their digital passports to declare items as lost or missing and mark these declarations as concrete transactions on the blockchain. This feature provides transparency and traceability throughout the process.

Interested in learning more? Be sure to explore the documentation.

✨ Other Improvements

NFT Management Platform

Since we've deployed our new Passport Management set of APIs, our team has been working on providing the same scope of features but using the productId:

  • Recover Digital Passport: As a user, you can recover using the productId.
  • Delete Digital Passport: As a user, you can destroy a digital passport that you own using the productId.
  • Fetch Digital Passport Owner: As a user, you can retrieve the information attached to a digital passport such as the wallet and the wallet profile using the productId.
  • Fetch Digital Passport On-Chain Data: As a user, you can fetch all the on-chain data associated with a digital passport using the productId.
  • Manage Digital Passport Transferability: As a user, you can manage the transferability through the Arianee Token Access of a digital passport using the productId.