Let's get started easily and test our APIs by minting and claiming your first digital passport.

Before your begin

Download the Arianee Wallet app on your smartphone. The application is available on Google Play and App Store.

Mint and claim your first digital passport

Step 1: Create your first digital passport with the api/createCertificateWithMetadata.



The request returns the following outputs:

  • certificateId - Identification number of your digital passport.
  • passphrase - Passphrase of your digital passport.
  • deeplink - The certificateId, its passphrase and the link are generated.

Congrats, as the issuer, you are the first owner! The digital passport needs a few minutes to be validated on-chain. You get back the certificateId and the link on the RPC server.

    "certificateId": number,
    "passphrase": "string",
    "deepLink": {
        "certificateId": number,
        "passphrase": "string",
        "link": "https://test.arianee.net/certificateId,passphrase"

Step 2: You or your community can now claim ownership of the NFT. Scan the QR code to claim ownership with the Arianee Wallet app with the Arianee link generated.