Manage Digital Passport Transferability


For more information on keys, refer to Keys Management.

Let's start πŸš€


To add token access to a digital product passport, use /productManagement/product/:productId/addTokenAccess.

POST - https://{{url}}/productManagement/product/:productId/addTokenAccess


addressStringβœ…The address is the token access. Wallet address generated through the passphrase.
The Arianee SDK provides a convenient way to generate a tokenAccess.
Before generating a tokenAccess, you need to have a passphrase. This passphrase is required to instantiate a wallet, which in turn serves as the source for creating the private key associated with the tokenAccess.
activateBooleanβœ…- true: Enable token access.
- false: Disable token access.
tokenTypeNumberβœ…Type of key:
- viewKey: 0
- requestKey: 1
- proofKey: 2
    "address": "0x3157d69b9584Ef31dD89eD8389e485Cb3Cc01Dd8",
    "activate": true,
    "tokenType": 1

Return Payload

Status CodeSuccessDescription
200trueThe token type is applied to the target digital passport.
    "success": true


Status CodeSuccessCodeDescription
404falsenmp.productManagement.PRODUCT_ID_NOT_EXISTSThe passport ID may be wrong.
    "message": "productID n does not exists",
    "code": "nmp.productManagement.PRODUCT_ID_NOT_EXISTS"