Create Profile

Profiles in the NFT management platform are used to define user rights rules.


To create a new profile, use /profile.

POST - https://{{nmpUrl}}/profile


nameStringβœ…User's ID.
rightsadmin, certRead, certCreate, certPrint, certDelete, certDelete, certRecover, messageSend, assetsUpload, identityUpdate, accountManage, messageSetupAuto, usersManage, eventCreate, reporting, smartContractSendβœ…Right(s) you wish to associate with the new profile.
    "name": "recoverOnly",
    "rights": ["certRecover", "certDelete"]

Return Payload

The NFT Management Platform profile has been added.

    "name": "test2",
    "rights": [
    "_id": "65ca38fdc784dd6e41c3871a",
    "__v": 0,
    "id": "65ca38fdc784dd6e41c3871a"