Transfer Permit

What is the Transfer Permit?

The Transfer Permit for the Arianee protocol is a solution designed as a token, a Smart Asset Sharing Token (SST), to facilitate connectivity between Arianee protocol features and third-party entities like resellers and marketplaces. In situations where a third party needs access to a digital product passport's content and the ability to transfer it without ownership, as seen in marketplaces, the Arianee protocol's transfer permit is a valuable tool.


Arianee has developed the transfer permit, inspired by Uniswap's Permis2 & Universal Router technologies.

For instance, when a product owner wishes to resell a watch and transfer the associated digital product passport on a given marketplace, the transfer permet ensures smooth asset transfer to the buyer post-sale.

To enhance interoperability, we present a standardized solution that minimizes development efforts for all stakeholders and prioritizes a straightforward user experience with minimal interaction. The Arianee protocol's transfer permit provides an efficient and user-friendly approach to smart asset sharing in diverse ecosystems.

SST Example:

  "sst": "eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJzZWNwMjU2azEifQ==.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.0x8c548d82647d57a945be1f4d1c1a01e16420daa52576a550fdbf2933e59ce43f6283d2fca0ac1de2bd8f3716e15a6b55a20a1d2a4bf40820245a61eb8b8ce2..."
"iss": "9Γ—D75f916003D53ACf804949ead52661a28868bcCE",
"sub": "certificate",
"exp": 1704278408255,
"lat": 1704278108255,
"subId": 467440080,
"network": "testnet",
"permit": {
	"permitted": {
	"tokenId": 467440080
"spender": "0x8Ce250a8D46E8f961C832908c9E604FE9Eb7952B",
"nonce": 311462,
"deadline": 1706870108

How does the transfer permit work?

  1. The brand website generates on-chain a SST. Subsequently, the website redirects the user to the service provider's website, conveying the SST as a URL parameter.
  2. Upon redirection, the service provider's website extracts the SST from the URL, conducts a validity verification and stores the SST as received. The SST verification checks if the third party has the right to fetch the digital passport and its associated content.
  3. The service provider initiates the retrieval of the digital product passport's content using the SST.
  4. The user is then presented with the service interface, providing visibility into the digital product passport's content.
  5. Over time, the service provider gains the capability to transfer the digital product passport to a designated address.
  6. Additionally, the service provider performs periodic checks to validate the SST, taking necessary actions if the SST is no longer valid, and ensuring the integrity of the transfer permit process.


To allow this process, Arianee has designed and integrated two packages to our Arianee SDK:

  1. token-provider - Digital passport issuer: Generate an SST.
  2. service-provider - Third-party entity:
    1. Check SST validity
    2. Fetch digital passport content
    3. Operate a digital passport transfer