Update a Digital Passport

Digital Product Passports can be updated. Original content remains on the digital passport, but an updated version is available for an Arianee compatible wallet.

Before you begin

Use case examples:

  • The URL of the external content you linked to a digital passport such as a Youtube video, for example, needs to be updated in the passport content.
  • Your brand wishes to fix an issue in the content.
  • Your brand wishes to provide additional language for the passport content.

Let's say you wish to fix the description of the digital product passport.

Let's start πŸš€

Step 1: Update the Json Schema with the relevant content.


Tags cannot be updated using this method. To do so, refer to Update tag(s).

    "certificateId": 24350692,
            "name":"Kitten Hoodie",
        [{  " mediaType":"picture",
         "title":"From the street to metaverse",
         "model":"Electric Purple Model",
          "description":"<i>About this hoodie</i>\nThis is not just another hoodie in your wardrobe. This NFT-backed hoodie was developed by Arianee - a group of trailblazers who want to redefine the perception of ownership in the fashion & luxury industries. \nIn collaboration with the finest production houses in France - Neyret, ISRA and WILTEE Paris, Kitten & Arianee created a hoodie that is unique in design, sustainable in production, and immersive in digital experience. \n<i>Why is it special?</i>\nOn scanning the NFC chip on the left sleeve of the hoodie with your phone, you can claim its digital ownership and unleash a wide range of possibilities on the Arianee app:\n<ul>\n<li>Gain visibility into the product's transparency </li>\n<li>See the hoodie in Augmented Reality</li>\n<li>Stay in direct contact with our team while remaining anonymous</li>\n<li>Prove your ownership & authenticity in 1 click</li>\n</ul>\n<i>About the creative direction</i>\nβ€œWe are living in an exciting era with big changes. Through an assortment of neon tones, we want to embody contemporary optimism, passion and energy. β€œWhy use cats?” - you might ask. Because they are fearless, resilient, and cute!” - Kitten Production.\n<i>Comfy in style</i>\nTailored from 100% organic cotton and printed with ultra-vibrant colors, this hoodie will make you a street style royalty. With a relaxed fit, the hoodie gives you a com-fur-table look in all circumstances. Most importantly, it was designed to keep kitties close. \nCurious about the hidden story of your hoodie? There you go: We’ve known all along cats have a secret plan to take over the world but their kung-fu abilities were completely under the radar... until now! Here's the proof: two cats were spotted practicing their ninja skills. \n<i>Did you know</i>\nA digital hoodie & three 3D cat illustrations in our collection are up for sale on OpenSea. All money will be donated to the Girls Club association to support young women and gender minorities. Beyond a fashion initiative, we want to inspire and empower people to be a force for good in the world.\nReady for experience? Click on, we'll guide you through!"


Step 2: Use the api/updateAndStoreCertificate with your JSON body.


The API is authenticated with the user rights required β†’ certCreate

certificateIdβœ…StringIdentification number of the digital passport to update.
contentβœ…ObjectJson Schema with the digital passport content.


200Your transaction has been sent to the blockchain. Your digital passport is going to be updated.
500Your digital passport ID may be wrong.
    "message": "Not yet in blockchain => transaction saved in transaction manager",
    "type": "transactionManager",
    "nonce": 140067,
    "chainId": 77,
    "from": "0x57F5111A7e997a7Ba63CC8976C92decbd86C1B08",
    "data": "0xfa4b78b900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000075bcd157eb7a0d30ac9621b7e4b7fea6aee12e6a6186a9dbca3f2846a26dd13784520ba000000000000000000000000a79b29ad7e0196c95b87f4663ded82fbf2e3add8",
    "to": "0x5360DbFF3546b920431A20268D2B5DFf8bF9b4dD",
    "gasLimit": 500000,
    "gasPrice": "48000000000",
    "value": "0x00",
    "readableTransaction": {
        "contractName": "store",
        "from": "0x57F5111A7e997a7Ba63CC8976C92decbd86C1B08",
        "to": "0x5360DbFF3546b920431A20268D2B5DFf8bF9b4dD",
        "constant": false,
        "inputs": [
                "name": "_tokenId",
                "type": "uint256"
                "name": "_imprint",
                "type": "bytes32"
                "name": "_providerBrand",
                "type": "address"
        "name": "updateSmartAsset",
        "outputs": [],
        "payable": false,
        "stateMutability": "nonpayable",
        "type": "function",
        "signature": "0xfa4b78b9",
        "arguments": [
                "value": 123456789,
                "name": "_tokenId"
                "value": "0x7eb7a0d30ac9621b7e4b7fea6aee12e6a6186a9dbca3f2846a26dd13784520ba",
                "name": "_imprint"
                "value": "0xA79B29AD7e0196C95B87f4663ded82Fbf2E3ADD8",
                "name": "_providerBrand"