Update Tag(s)

Before you begin

During the digital product passport creation process, you can define one or multiple tags that work as a pool identifier. As metadata, these tags are not visible to your customers. Define them while creating your digital passport..

As a pool identifier, you can manage a pool of digital passports thanks to these tags and leverage our features:

  • Distribute at once a specific pool through one universal link or individual links.
  • Reserve and reset your digital passport.
  • Send messages or campaigns.
  • Retrieve digital product passports, and so on...

Example of use case: As a brand, you may want to change the tag(s) on existing digital passports in case of misspelling instead of minting new tokens, and then saving gas and fees.


  • Tags are case sensitive.
  • The previously defined tag(s) will all be erased and replaced by the new one(s).
    e.g. Your NFT has the tags dropFeb23 and newCollection2023. If you call the API with the new tag dropMarch23, both previous tags are erased and the digital passport only has the new tag.

Let's start πŸš€


Use the /certificate/properties/:certificateId.

PUT - https://{{nmpUrl}}/certificate/properties/:certificateId


  "tags": [

Return Payload

204No message was returned. Your tag(s) have been updated and replaced by the new one(s).


Status CodeSuccessCodeError Message
400falseundefinedRessourceThis certificate does not exist.
    "message": "This certificate does not exist",
    "code": "undefinedRessource",
    "e": "{}"