Reserve Digital Passports

Some digital passports can be reserved from your digital passports pool. This feature is helpful to give versatility to brands.


Use case

Your brand wants to secure 50 digital passports for loyal customers or VIPs.


Let's start πŸš€


  • When a user scans a code or click on the reserved link, but does not necessarily request the ownership of the digital passport, The digital passport is removed from the pool of digital passport to be distributed. This is secure the claiming experience of each user.
  • In the case of many digital passports that have been scanned but not claimed, you can reset digital passports to make them available for distribution again.
  • You must trigger an API call per digital passport. Example, if you need the generate 50 individual links, the API must be called 50 times.


To reserve a digital passport, use the dispenser/distribution/reserveOne.

GET - https://{{nmpUrl}}/dispenser/distribution/reserveOne


The API is authenticated with the user rights required β†’ certCreate

Query ParametersTypeRequiredDescription
tagsStringβœ…Tags to pick up a digital passport and reserve it. Can be 1 tag or a list of tags (see how to format query params array - separated by a comma for example)
formatlink, linkObject, contentβœ…β†’ link: returns text plain link such as,passphrase
β†’ linkObject: returns link as .json object
β†’ content: returns content object

Return Payload

Status CodeDescription
200The digital passport is reserved.
// linkObject return

    "method": "requestOwnership",
    "certificateId": 440105186,
    "passphrase": "v6lsj4vhg5dx",
    "deeplink": {
				"certificateId": 440105186,
        "passphrase": "v6lsj4vhg5dx",
        "link": ",v6lsj4vhg5dx"
// link returned,v6lsj4vhg5dx


Status CodeSuccessCodeError Message
400falsenmp.back.dispenser.oneToOne.noNFTsToSendNo NFT found to distribute.
    "name": "API Error",
    "description": "No NFT found to distribute",
    "code": "nmp.back.dispenser.oneToOne.noNFTsToSend",
    "httpCode": 400