Generate a Proof of Ownership

As a brand, you wish to allow your users to prove their digital passport ownership. Our API generates a link to read the digital passport content and prove this user owns it.


Let's start πŸš€


Use the{{client}}/{{network}}/nft/createProofLink.

POST -{{client}}/{{network}}/nft/createProofLink


protocolNameString - testnet, mainnet, arianeetestnet, mumbai, polygon, arialabs, stadetoulousain, ysl, testnetSbt, arianeeSupernet, arianeesbt, tezostestnet, supernettestnetβœ…Protocol on which the digital passport has been minted.
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smartAsset β†’ idObjectβœ…Digital passport identification number.
    "protocolName": "testnet",
    "smartAsset" : {
        "id": "33491174"

Return Payload

Status CodeSuccessDescription
200trueThe proofLink is generated.
    "proofLink": ",ss9t4d2yg1yl"