What is Token Gating?

Our token gating APIs enable anyone to define set of rules to condition the access to benefits or resources.


Token gating is a popular marketing strategy to build community, promote the adoption of new tokens, reward loyal users, and generate revenue.

As a brand, you want your audience to access exclusive content if they meet specific rules and requirements.

e.g. If the user has a minimum of 1 NFT minted from a brand, then the user can access exclusive private sales.

Token gating is a permissions mechanism used in blockchain-based systems to control access to certain features or resources. With token gating, access to restricted areas or features is granted only to users who hold a specific token or set of tokens. By using token gating, blockchain-based services can provide permission access control, ensuring that only authorized users can access restricted areas or features.

API service

In this section, we introduce an API service that allows you to easily implement token gating rules and check whether a given address is authorized to access specific features or resources.

Token Gating As A Service proposes to combine multiple requirements and verify compliance with the wallet through a simple API.

The rules, called strategy, are represented as nested arrays that define various conditions that must be met for access to be granted. Each nested array contains a set of conditions connected by logical operators such as AND and OR.

For more information, refer to Strategies Combinations and dig deeper into Strategies Examples.