Report Digital Passport Group using ID

Fetch data associated with a digital product passport group, such as the number of passports and how many are already minted.

Use Case

As a brand, you wish to follow up on your digital passport claiming rate for a given group. To do so, this API returns the total count of passports in a group and the count of claimed passports.#

Let's start πŸš€


To get the analytics of a specific product group, use productManagement/productGroup/:productGroup/stats.

GET - https://{{nmpUrl}}/productManagement/productGroup/:productGroupId/stats


The API is authenticated with the user rights required β†’ certRead

productGroupIdStringβœ…ID of the product group.

Return Payload

successBooleanIndicates whether the request was successful.
dataObjectIt contains the full payload and blockchain information.
statsObjectContains more info.
stats.productCountNumberThe number of digital passports associated with the group.
stats.mintedProductNumberThe number of minted digital passports associated with a group.
        "totalProducts": 2,
        "mintedProducts": 0


Status CodeSuccessCodeError Message
404falsenpm.productManager.ProductGroupIdDoesNotExistProduct group ID does not exist.
500falsenpm.productManagement.UnknownErrorAn unknown error has occurred.