Fetch Digital Passport Details using ID

Retrieve the data of the target digital product passport.


To fetch the details of a specific digital product passport, use /productManagement/product/:productId.

GET - https://{{nmpUrl}}/productManagement/product/:productId

Return Payload

productGroupIdStringIdentifier of the product group associated.
productIdStringIdentifier for the product.
contentObjectContent details (schema added by API).
aggregatedContentObjectContent of product and content of productGroup.
tagsArrayTags associated with this product only.
publicContentBooleanVisibility on platforms like OpenSea.
protocolStringProtocol to be used. ex: 99-breitling-0.
mintedBooleanWhether the digital passport is minted or not.
tokenIdStringtokenId of the digital passport on the network.
passphraseStringView key of the NFT.


Status CodeSuccessCodeError Message
404falsenpm.productManager.ProductGroupIdDoesNotExistProduct group ID does not exist.
500falsenpm.productManagement.UnknownErrorAn unknown error has occurred.