Create POAPs Drop

As a brand, you want to connect POAP passport to Arianee's QR code to allow your owners to claim POAP.

Let's start πŸš€


  • One credit is spent during this operation to create a landing passport.
  • Supported formats when creating POAPs: .png, .jpg and .gif.

Step 1. Fill the form to request the POAPs drop creation.

β†’ You'll receive an email containing the list of POAPs.


  • Do not edit the file POAP sent. You must have one link per line for next steps.
  • Keep the .txt format.


You can also enter directly the POAP links as a body parameter separated by a coma. See the example below.


Step 2. Rename the file by links.

Step 3. Use the api/dispenser/event.


Note that this API is a generic kiosk wich allows to distribute something else than Arianee digital passports. You can distribute any type of link.

In this case, we drop POAP links.

titleStringβœ…For context, give a name to your drop.
linksObjectβœ…links.txt file. Without your file, the count is 0.
noMoreNftURLβœ…Attach a No More digital passport previously created when no more digital passports are available for claiming.
spkzRequirementURL❌URL of the SPKZ rule that must be respected for the user to be able to claim the POAP.
typeString❌Define your type of links β†’ poap in that case.


  • count - Number of POAP links.
  • eventId - Save this information to add more POAP links! For more information, check out Add more POAPs.
  • link - Link that must be copied for the next steps!
    "title": "POAP from NFT_NYC 25/09/2022",
    "count": 12,
    "eventId": "63f5f1a451779e7e4c7b2d2c",
    "spkzRequirement": "",
    "link": ""

Step 4. From your NFT Management Platform, create a landing digital passport. In the External Contents field, define the following settings:

  • Type - The link to redirect to another claimable digital passport should redirect to the same link with the Arianee access token.
  • Title - POAP claiming links.
  • URL - Enter the link output previously returned.