Create Template with Interface

Create a digital passport template for your product pairing in The Forge app by using the NFT Management Platform.

Before you begin

As a brand, you wish to create a digital passport template to pair your physical products with digital passports. You can directly upload these data via an Excel file uploaded in our NFT Management Platform.

Let's start πŸš€

  1. Fill your product information in an Excel (.xlsx) file.


Your file must strictly respect the following columns.

ProductstringKitten Hoodie
ModelstringElectric purple
  1. From the NFT Management Platform, go to Media β†’ NFT Template.
  2. Click on IMPORT NEW, then select your file.
  3. A preview of the imported template is displayed. Click on Create to confirm.


Once uploaded, you can manage by copying or deleting your templates.


Team tip

When creating a template from a parent NFT and you update this parent, children of your digital passport batch are automatically updated as well. You do not need to update the template.

For more information on the parent digital passport and their batch, check out the Digital passport creation!