Create Request Ownership Link

As a brand, you wish to allow your users to generate a link to make their digital passport claimable for another user.


Let's start πŸš€


  • The user must be the digital passport owner.
  • The link is valid as long as it has not been overwritten by the generation of a new link, and as long as the transfer has not been triggered.


To create a link to transfer the ownership of a digital passport, use{{client}}/{{network}}/nft/createTransferLink.

POST -{{client}}/{{network}}/nft/createTransferLink


protocolNameString - testnet, mainnet, arianeetestnet, mumbai, polygon, arialabs, stadetoulousain, ysl, testnetSbt, arianeeSupernet, arianeesbt, tezostestnet, supernettestnetβœ…Protocol on which the digital passport has been minted.
Dig deeper into Arianee Protocols.
smartAssetIdNumberβœ…Digital passport identification number to claim.
passphraseString❌Digital passport passphrase.
    "protocolName": "testnet",
    "smartAsset" : {
        "id": "33491174"

Return Payload

Status CodeSuccessDescription
200trueLink returned.
    "link": ",ombwfl2suu5m"


The user can now claim the digital passport!