Reset Reserved Digital Passports

As a brand, you wish to cancel the reservation you made on a digital passport pool. These digital passports may not have been claimed, for example, so you want to make them part of the pool again.


Use case

Some reserved digital passports have not been claimed during your drop. You wish to retrieve the digital passports to make them claimable by other users.


Let's start πŸš€


  • The reset digital passports are randomly selected. You cannot reset a specific tokenId.
  • If some reserved digital passports have already been claimed, they cannot be reset.


Use the dispenser/distribution/resetAll.

GET - https://{{nmpUrl}}/dispenser/distribution/resetAll
Query ParameterTypeRequiredDescription
tagsStringβœ…Tags to pick up digital passports and cancel the reservation.

Return Payload

The API returns the count of reset digital passports.

    "count": 5


If the count = 0:

  • The tag may be wrong.
  • There is no digital passport reservation to reset for this tag.


Status CodeSuccessError Message
403falseThe user is not identified.
    "message": "no user"