Reset Reserved Digital Passports

Make your reserved digital passports claimable again.

Before you begin

As a brand, you wish to cancel the reservation you made on a digital passport pool. These digital passports may not have been claimed, for example, so you want to make them part of the pool again.

Use case example: Some reserved digital passports have not been claimed during your drop. You wish to retrieve the digital passports to make them claimable by other users.


  • The reset digital passports are randomly selected. You cannot reset a specific tokenId.
  • If some reserved digital passports have already been claimed, they cannot be reset.

Let's start πŸš€

Use the dispenser/distribution/resetAll.

tagsStringβœ…Tags to pickup digital passports and cancel the reservation.

Result: The API returns the count of reset digital passports.

    "count": 5