Count Distributed Digital Passports by Tags

Count how many digital passports have been distributed for one or several tags.


Please refer to our new API feature which allows you to include more parameters in your count!

Before you begin

As a brand, say you wish to know how many digital passports are minted and owned by your customers for one or several tags.


This API returns only the digital passports that are no longer owned by the NFT Management Platform.

Let's start πŸš€

Use the certificate/getCountOfSmartAssetsIdByTags with the following parameters.


NFT Management Platform user rights required to call this API β†’ certRead

    "tags": ["kittenhoodie"],
    "tagRule": "and",
    "uniqueOwner": true
tagsβœ…StringTag of the digital passport to count.
tagRule❌and, orIf you search for one tag, leave the parameter empty.
uniqueOwnerβœ…BooleanThe digital passport has had one unique owner since its creation.

Result: The distributed digital passports count is returned.


If incorrect tags, the count is defined as 0.

    "result": {
        "count": 2