Get Digital Passports Count

Get the count of digital passports passing a certain amount of parameters to reach the number of digital passports involved in your campaign.

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Use the /onceOfMessage/countNFTs with the parameters you wish to get the count of.

POST - https://{{nmpUrl}}/onceOfMessage/countNFTs


NFT Management Platform user rights required to call this API β†’ certRead


tagRuleStringβœ…Tag rules that define if your audience must own all mentioned tags or at least one.
or: The owner must have a digital passport with at least one defined tag.
and: The owner must have a digital passport that includes all specified tags.
all: All digital passports can be targeted independently of their tags or ID.
tokenIds: The owner must be one defined tokenId listed into the field tokenIds.
⚠️ The tokenIds filed is limited to 100,000 entries.
uniqueOwnerBoolean❌true: One message is sent per wallet even if your customer owns several digital passports.
tagsStringβœ…Use tags to target your audience.
If you do not define tags, set it as an empty [] array and use tokenIds to target your audience.
⚠️ Tags are case-sensitive.
tokenIdsString❌Target specific digital passport IDs to send the campaign.
If you do not define tokenIds, use tags to target your audience.
Example: 123,345,456...
isWalletActiveSinceNumberOfDaysNumber❌A period in days during which activity was observed on the user's wallet.
custodialWalletString❌Custodial or non-custodial wallet.
yes: Send to custodial wallet only.
no: Send to non-custodial wallet only.
all: Both types of wallet.
allCountriesBoolean❌true: the digital passports must include the following defined countries.
false: the digital passports must include at least one of the defined countries.
countriesString❌Define the target country.
String with values separated by a pipe
Example: France|Spain...
⚠️ Countries are case-sensitive.
    "messageForm": {
        "tagRule": "all",
        "uniqueOwner": true,
        "tags": [],
        "tokenIds": "",
        "isWalletActiveSinceNumberOfDays": 30,
        "custodialWallet": "all",
        "allCountries": "false",
        "countries": ["France", "Atlantis"]

Return Payload

The count is returned.

    "count": 212