Send Message to Digital Passport Group

As a brand, you wish to send a dMessage to a target digital passport group and target users, so all your digital passport owners receive it.


Use cases

  • Your brand wants to provide useful information about your product or the brand community around the product.
  • Your brand wants to invite digital passport owners to exclusive events or online experiences.
  • You wish to greet new owners in case of digital passport transfers.


Let's start πŸš€


Each message sent spends 1 credit.


To send a message to a complete productGroup, use /productManagement/productGroup/:productGroupId/sendMessage.

POST - https://{{nmpUrl}}/productManagement/productGroup/:productGroupId/sendMessage


productIdsString❌List of product IDs to send message to (if match wallet profile). It should not be used with a large array.
contentObjectβœ…Content of the message.
filters.lastSeenCountryArrayβŒβ€USA”, β€œFrance”... Fetch the countries using the dedicated API.
filters.isCustodialBoolean❌Whether the user has a custodial wallet or not.
filters.activeBoolean❌Whether the user has been active last X days.
filters.uniqueOwnerBoolean❌Unique owner.
    "content": {
        "title": "hello",
        "content": "hello"
    "productIds": ["SN1"]

Return Payload

successBooleantrue: The request was a success.
MessageStringMessage has been successfully sent to productId.
MessagesSentNumberNumber of messages sent.
    "success": true,
    "message": "The message campaign has been scheduled and will be sent soon.",
    "approximativeNumberOfMessages": 1


Status CodeSuccessCodeError Message
400falsenpm.productManager.product.message.incorrectPayloadSome parameters of your payload are incorrect. See details.
400falsenpm.productManager.product.message.notIssuerYou cannot send a message to NFT you have not created.
400falsenpm.productManager.product.message.blacklistedYou cannot send a message to NFT that does not accept incoming messages.
404falsenpm.productManager.product.message.productIdDoesNotExistsProduct ID does not exist.
404falsenpm.productManager.product.message.productgroupIdDoesNotExistsProductGroup ID does not exist.
500falsenpm.productManagement.product.UnknownErrorAn unknown error has occurred.