Digital Passport Kiosk - One universal link

Distribute your digital passports through a universal link.

Before you begin

The Digital Passport Kiosk APIs are useful when brands want to distribute a collection of digital passports from a single user interface for instance by displaying one QR code or sharing one link with customers.

Use case examples:

  • Your brand wants to distribute a pool of digital passports at a physical event.
  • Your brand distributes digital passports as a token of engagement via an online event or your content on social platforms.


  • When a user scans the QR code or use the link, one digital passport of the collection is reserved for 15 minutes until it is claimed. If it is not claimed within this reservation time, the token is made collectable again for other users.
  • Only one digital passport can be claimed by a wallet. When a wallet uses the link again, the owner is redirected to the digital passport already claimed.

Let's start πŸš€


Use the api/certificate/one2Many/v3.

GET - https://{{nmpUrl}}/api/certificate/one2Many/v3
Query ParametersTypeRequiredDescription
label- tagStringβœ…Optional when campaignId is completed. Otherwise, mandatory.
campaignIdStringβœ…Optional when label or tag is completed. Otherwise, mandatory.
formatredirect, link, linkObject, contentβœ…Format returned.

Return Payload

Status CodeParameters returned
linkObject - 200certificateId - Digital passport identification number.
passphrase - Digital passport passphrase.
deeplink - Deeplink to claim the digital passport.
link - 200deeplink to claim the digital passport.
redirect - 200Triggers a redirection to the claiming link of the digital passport.
// linkObject return

    "method": "requestOwnership",
    "certificateId": 2069845,
    "passphrase": "z456wesa684p",
    "deeplink": ",z456wesa684p"
// link return,z456wesa684p


Status CodeSuccessError MessageAdditional Information
400falseNo certificate left from campaigns campaignId. Certificate must be part of the campaign IDs and public tag.errors - Express validator full message.
    "message": "no certificate left from campaigns 63dcd9f3fb919e4d621ac206. Certificate must be part of the campaign ids and public tag."