Digital Passport Claiming

Depending on your use case, you want to give the smoothest experience to your users.

🛎️ Direct Claim

The direct claim method sends the ownership request directly to the blockchain when your users claim a digital passport. Depending on the number of transactions in progress, the validation may take a few seconds or minutes to be validated on the blockchain.

⏳Deferred Claim

The deferred claim allows you to distribute your digital passports to your users and optimize the broadcasting of transactions to the blockchain.
Once your users claim their digital passport, they get a confirmation of the incoming ownership of their digital passport so that your app can provide the best context to your users while the on-chain validation is pending.

Our transaction manager takes care of the claiming requests in a queuing system and the user gets the ownership once the on-chain validation is completed. For more technical information, check out here!

Claiming Workflow