Check Digital Passport Claiming Status

Make sure your digital passports is claimable or claimed.

Before you begin

As a brand, you wish to allow your customers to request ownership of your digital passports. This feature allows you to check the status of your digital passports.


For more information on the claim method, check out Deferred Claims!

Use case

Your brand wants to track the claiming status of your users who claimed digital passports following a massive drop during an event.

Let's start πŸš€


To verify the claiming status of the digital passport, use the deferred/verify.

POST - https://{{nmpUrl}}/deferred/verify


The API is authenticated with the user rights required β†’ certCreate


tokenIdNumberβœ…Digital passport identification number.
passphraseStringβœ…Digital passport passphrase.
addressStringβœ…Wallet address of the digital passport.
    "tokenId": 494745099,
    "passphrase": "dblkxrkmf51u",
    "address": "0x02e07cc7E01b1ca69C0a6de55BFD9B99A8F0aF3b"

Return Payload

successBooleanIndicates whether the request was successful.
dataObjectContains the full payload and blockchain information ???
    "message": "Token can be transfered to address 0x02e07cc7E01b1ca69C0a6de55BFD9B99A8F0aF3a",
    "code": "nmp.back.deferredTransfer.tokenCanBeTransfered"


Status CodeCodeDescription
400nmp.back.deferredTransfer.alreadyOwnerThe user is already the owner of the token.
400nmp.back.deferredTransfer.tokenNotFoundIncorrect token ID.
400nmp.back.deferredTransfer.issuerNotOwnerYou are not the issuer of the digital passport.
400nmp.back.deferredTransfer.passphraseNotRightIncorrect passphrase.
400nmp.back.deferredTransfer.errorFetchRequestKeyThe passphrase is not a request key.
400nmp.back.deferredTransfer.pendingToken already claimed and transfer is already pending.
500nmp.back.deferredTransfer.errorTransferAn error occurred during the transfer.
    "name": "API Error",
    "description": "You are already the owner",
    "code": "nmp.back.deferredTransfer.alreadyOwner",
    "httpCode": 400
  code: 'nmp.back.deferredTransfer.pending', 
  description: 'Token tranfer is already pending'