Distribute your digital passports through a universal link.

Before you begin

As a brand, you wish to transfer your digital passports to your users' wallet addresses, so they automatically get ownership of the digital passports.

Use case example: Your brand wants to enhance engagement through a special drop to surprise your audience.


Your NFT Management Platform must be the digital passports owner.

Let's start πŸš€


Use the api/certificate/one2Many/forceTransfer/v2.

GET - https://{{nmpUrl}}/api/certificate/one2Many/forceTransfer/v2
Query ParametersTypeRequiredDescription
labelStringβœ…Tag of the digital passport to transfer.
formatredirect, link, linkObject, contentβœ…β†’ link: returns text plain link such as,passphrase.
β†’ redirect: redirects automatically to the digital passport.
β†’ linkObject: returns link as .json object.
β†’ content: returns digital passport content.
arianeeAccessTokenStringβœ…Json Web Token signed by a wallet private key.


addressStringβœ…Address of the recipient wallet.

Return Payload

Status CodeParameters returned
linkObject - 200certificateId - Digital passport identification number.
passphrase - Digital passport passphrase.
deeplink - Deeplink to claim the digital passport.
link - 200deeplink to claim the digital passport.
redirect - 200Triggers a redirection to the claiming link of the digital passport.


Status CodeParameters returned
400 β†’ Missing query parameters.
β†’ No more digital passports available.