What's the Client Account?

The Client Account is a custodial wallet which is the simplest way for your brand to onboard users. It provides a frictionless experience to claim and interact with digital passports in your brand environment without the need for a seed phrase.

The Client Account is a set of APIs that provides your brand with custodial wallets for users directly in the brand environment. For example, the brand via its website or mobile application can create digital passport wallets for its users in a seamless way. The advantages are:

  • Easy adoption: When users log with their email into your website, the brand can create a digital passport wallet on the fly where they can store the brand's digital passports. Your users don't need to secure their private keys.
  • Versatility: Your brand is in control of the look and feel as the wallet is completely integrated into the brand environment.
  • Easy integration: Our set of APIs makes the integration of wallets as a service in the brand environment easy and secure.

What for?

As a brand, you wish to provide your users with a blockchain wallet linked to their account through your website or mobile application. Your user's ID is linked to a unique wallet.
Within this wallet, your users can retrieve their digital passports and manage them. Your brand also has the opportunity to perform blockchain transactions on behalf of them.


Our team tip

We do not recommend creating a wallet for users who do not need one. The wallet creation can be automatically managed based on the blockchain transactions.