Welcome to the developers space to learn about our NFT Management Platform!

Our mission

Arianee's mission is to build perpetual relationships between brands and customers based on trust, privacy, and transparency. We build blockchain protocols and SaaS products to connect users and brands with digital assets: the decentralized internet's zero-party data.

What's the NFT Management Platform?

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Management Platform is a seamless enterprise software to create, mint, and leverage dynamic and enriched Digital Product Passports. You can use the NFT Management platform with:

  • Web Interface: Manage and design your digital passports and engage their owners through our web interface.
  • APIs Integration: The NFT Management Platform APIs can be integrated into your system. You can enrich your workflow with a CRM layer to interact with your digital passport owners.

Digital Passports Management

Digital Product Passports created with our NFT Management Platform are rich in features -

  • Create & Mint digital passport
  • Transfer digital passport
  • Update digital passport
  • Prove Ownership
  • Send Message
  • Timestamp Event
  • Digital Passport History
  • Digital Passport Recall


Build perpetual relationships with owners

Arianee's Digital Product Passports create a privacy-preserving relationship between brands and customers. Here is how:

  • Digital passport of physical goods to fight counterfeiting.
  • Digital passport of physical goods to enable proof of ownership, traceability, durability, and circularity.
  • Digital passport of physical goods to provide product information and promote transparency between stakeholders.
  • Unfalsifiable history of the product life cycle via the digital passport.
  • Send a message to a digital passport to reach opted-in owners.
  • Proof of Attendance as a digital badge.
  • Exclusive & scarce digital assets to extend the brand's immersive experience.
  • NFT owners report the passport of a lost or stolen product.

NFT Management Platform Integration

Depending on your use case, different options for the NFT Management Platform are available:

API Integration

To integrate the NFT Management Platform into your environment, you can use our APIs which allow you to benefit from the best features.

For more information, check out the NFT Management Platform APIs section.

Interfaced Platform

Arianee designed its interface to fully leverage the NFT Management Platform and its features.


The NFT Management Platform is available on Polygon for production, and formerly POA.

Owners' Experience

Custodial Wallet

The Client Account is a custodial wallet that provides a wallet interface within your web environment for your customers. Your customers' wallet is linked to their account, which means a link between the account and the blockchain. Your brand also has the opportunity to perform blockchain transactions on behalf of your customers.

For more information, check out the Client Account section!

Non-Custodial Wallet

Ownership Account

Arianee designed its own web app that allows end-users to effortlessly claim and securely store their Digital Product Passports without the need for cumbersome downloads or password management. Arianee's user-centric approach is exemplified by the seamless integration of personal wallets.

Login into your Ownership Account!

Arianee Wallet App

Our team developed an interface that allows your customers to store their Digital Product Passport in a secure anonymous environment. Non-custodial wallets are not associated with your customers' brand accounts. The wallet is locally created on the customer's smartphone and can be retrieved on another device using the iCloud or Google Drive backup option.

This interface allows you to take advantage of all the features offered by the NFT Management Platform such as decentralized messages, timestamped events, and more.

Our wallet app is available on Google Play and App Store.