Release Notes

Hello and welcome to our documentation's latest updates. This page covers all new documentation available and improvements. Stay tuned for more updates!

V2.0 - January 2024

✨ News & Improvements

Arianee developed brand new APIs to make the integration of our NFT Management Platform simpler. Digital product passport group draft creation, analytics... everything you need to easily create, manage, and leverage your owners' assets! For more details, dig deeper into documentation!

V1.9 - January 2024

✨ News

The Smart Asset Sharing Technology (SST) documentation is live! This new solution designed as a token, facilitates connectivity between Arianee protocol features and third-party entities like resellers and marketplaces. In situations where a third party needs access to a digital product passport's content and the ability to transfer it without ownership, as seen in marketplaces, the Arianee protocol's SST is a valuable tool.

V1.8 - December 2023

✨ News

  • Arianee designed the Ownership Account, a brand-new and passwordless web app to allow end-users to store and manage their Digital Product Passport. End-users can connect through their e-mail address or connect through their own wallet. Check it out!
  • The new Client Account API service is now available as a beta. Dig deeper into documentation for more information!

V1.7 - November 2023

✨ News

We did it! Arianee has integrated the NFT Management Platform into Salesforce. ☁️ We made possible digital assets management from one of the most used CRM. Dig deeper into this new connector!

V1.6 - October 2023

✨ News

Claim your demo NFT! Dig deeper into use cases, and discover what you can build through Arianee Enriched NFT!

V1.5 - October 2023

✨ News

  • Arianee designed an interface between a brand authentication system and a wallet provider. It acts as an intermediary to help customers manage their NFTs within the brand's environment. For more information, dig deep into Client Account documentation.
  • [Test] When creating a Once-Off message campaign, you can segment your audience using new filter parameters:
    • Target countries
    • Custodial or non-custodial wallets
    • Inactive and active wallets

Check out our API documentation!

  • You can also count the number of NFTs involved in a campaign by passing a certain amount of parameters such as tags, wallet profile, etc.

V1.4 - April 2023

✨ News

Arianee's team designed new webhook events. As a reminder webhooks are a secure powerful tool for integrating applications, automating processes, and improving efficiency and scalability. By providing real-time data, it allows users to programmatically react to an alert. To dig deeper into webhook events, see Events & Retries.

✒️ Improvements

Multiple use cases are now available to dig deeper into the concrete use of our NFT Management Platform APIs.

V1.3 - March 2023

Hello and welcome to our documentation's latest updates! This page covers all new documentation available and improvements.

✨ News

✒️ Improvements

  • Discover how to integrate more types of NFT external content: proof of ownership, transparency information, and so on.

V1.2 - February 2023

✨ News

  • You can directly import your template using a regular Excel file on the NFT Management Platform interface for your pairing app. For more information, see the feature workflow!
  • Arianee now offers a webhook service to allow you to dispatch all your blockchain events and provide the best and smoothest experience to your customers. Check out!
  • The Arianee Custodial Wallet documentation is now integrated. You'll find articles and API references to interact directly on this documentation website!
  • Learn more about our NFT Management Platform interface through detailed articles to get familiar easily with the tool. Let's jump right in!

✒️ Improvements

🔨 Bug fixes