Get Ownership Information

Get the ownership information of a digital passport.

Before you begin

As a brand, you wish to get the ownership information of a digital passport issued by your NFT Management Platform.

Let's start πŸš€

Use the api/ownerOf with the certificateId in the request body.


NFT Management Platform user rights required β†’ certRead


certificateIdβœ…StringIdentification number of the digital passport.

Result: The address of the current NFT owner is returned.

    "address": "0x57f5111a7e997a7ba63cc8976c92decbd86c1b08",
    "hasOwner": true,
    "isOwner": true


If your NFT Management Platform is not the digital passport issuer, the current owner address is not returned.

    "hasOwner": false,
    "isOwner": false